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Anglesey Road Trip...

Earlier in the year, Me, Jas, Archie & Gem set off on what would be a whistle stop tour of Anglesey in North Wales. The whole idea of this Anglesey road trip was to prove that you can have an epic road trip even if you’re limited on time! We all have busy lives and can’t always take holiday from work to explore these beautiful parts of the UK. As a result, Anglesey is the perfect destination if you are limited on time! Perhaps you can watch my Anglesey Road Trip YouTube video to give you a better idea of what to expect from Anglesey, or you can find some more information below. Don’t forget, my new ‘Road Trip Wales Guide Book’ has a whole chapter on this incredible destination. 

How to get to Angelsey?

Anglesey is an island off North Wales that can be accessed by road (via Bangor). The main A55 North Wales Express Way is easy to reach from the M56 (near to the M6). It’s location in North Wales makes it easy for anyone in the North West or Midlands to access relatively easily. If you’re visiting from anywhere else in the UK, you can jump onto the motorway network and eventually head up or down the M6 > M56 > A55. 

What to do in Anglesey?

I like to think of Anglesey as a mini version of Wales on a small island! It has everything from picturesque lighthouses to beautiful beaches. As a mini road trip destination, there is so much to see and do with great campsites & hotels. I could list so many different locations but here are my top 5…


One of the most picturesque lighthouses in the whole of Wales. A trip to Anglesey must include a stop here.
A dream destination for a photographer. Take the 4 mile round walk from the Newborough Forest car park across the beach to the wonderful Llanddwyn Island, home to two lighthouses.
A piece of engineering beauty! The World’s first ever suspension bridge which is now Anglesey’s iconic landmark.
Known as the the greatest castle never built. It was the last of the royal strongholds created by Edward I in Wales – and perhaps his masterpiece. Beaumaris town is also worth checking out.
A wonderful seaside destination with a quaint beach, blue water and various rocky outcrops. Backed with a couple of fantastic eateries. 
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